Your paper should address ALL of the following:

For this assignment you will type an essay that takes a critical analysis of identity and representation in Hollywood’s history as well as contemporary film. You should rely upon examples viewed in this class but may include other well-known or popular films as references. ou may site specific scenes or moments in films by description and time code (expample: “0:58:00, train station scene”), or reference the entire film in general. Suggested films to discuss from class include: Sorry to Bother You, Hearts of Darkness, the Bronze Buckaroo, Illusions, and Moonlight.
Your essay will be a minimum of 1000 – 1200 words (3-4 pages) double spaced, 12pt font and upload to Blackboard before the end of the day Friday 11/13/2020. Y
Your paper should address ALL of the following:
1.) Introduction paragraph with a statement of purpose including the topics you intend to discuss and why they are important. (10%)
2.)  What is the history of Hollywood films in relation to race and representation? Include a discussion of the period of “race films” from 1915-1950 and how you think this influenced American culture. Discuss examples of modern films or film genres that have followed this same pattern of creating films for specific niche and minority groups for marketing purposes. (20%)
3.)  Discuss specific film genres and what roles are assigned to certain character types based on their identity and what stereotypes this enforces or creates. (20%)
4.) Introduce modern films such as Illusion, Moonlight and Sorry to Bother You and how they contribute or challenge the historical narrative. (20%)
5.) Write a conclusion with a statement of opinion or summary of your personal ideas or outlook on these topics. (15%)


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