Write in full sentences using correct grammar and syntax. This should be a 5-7 p

Write in full sentences using correct grammar and syntax. This should be a 5-7 page paper with added cover page and reference list for a total of 7-9 pages. Full credit cannot be earned if all instructions are not followed.
Do not include each question but write your paper flowing from one to the next, for example, the first paragraph might look something like this: Historically, people with mental illness were (here you would write about how they were treated)……. In the days of the mental asylums…..(here you would discuss what happened in the asylums, maybe talk about a specific one, include dates, etc). Be sure it is clear which question you are addressing but does not list the actual question. Please go to the writing center for assistance if you need it.
Take what you have learned from class, your textbook and assignments, and answer the following questions.
Historically, how were people with a mental illness treated? Go back to the days of the asylum
How are people with a mental illness treated or regarded in today’s society. Provide evidence to support your position (this means site articles that discuss this, research, etc)
Describe nature and nurture and how both interact to influence our mental health. This should include a description of epigenetics. Give an example from class or the text that demonstrates how each one contributes to our mental health outcome.
Describe the medical model of treatment and the integrated model of treatment. What does each focus on and what is different about them?
Describe how mental health/illness can be influence by the environment.
Describe the diathesis stress model.
Describe how psychotherapy works in general. Then choose one psychotherapy approach and explain it. Some options might be CBT, DBT, EMDR, etc.
Describe how psychotropic medications work.
What is one thing you can do to help society better understand mental health issues?
Provide one suggestion for how we, as a society, might be able to reduce the number of people who experience mental health issues?
Finally, describe how your thinking regarding mental health issues has changed or grown over the semester. Provide one example of what has changed in your thinking or what you have been able to understand better.

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