Working with Genogram

Paper instructions:

1) Draw a Genogram
2) Answer two simple questions in 1-2 paragraphs each

Journal 2

Question 1: Please complete a Genogram:

The Genogram should be on a page with a legend/key listing the symbols and abbreviations used along with their definitions. You may use pencil & rulers or a app/software to create the genogram. Please make sure that you clearly identify the Identified Patient. Watch this video before you start drawing your genogram ( )

Step one – Choose a family where you have sufficient knowledge of at least three generations

Step two – Choose an identified patient, and an issue that the family is dealing with

Step three – Create your genogram (you can do this by hand, or any number of computer apps)

Step four – Complete a legend to explain the symbols in the genogram

Step five – what observations can you take from this genogram? How has the IP been influenced by birth order, by the anxiety and means of dealing with this over the generations, the level of differentiation of the IP? (1-2 paragraphs)

Question 2: Answer at least one of the following. 1-2 paragraphs for each question you choose to answer.

  1. Many of the class participants have shown an interest in Cognitive Behavioral approaches, how do you feel these match up with some of the other approaches that we have discussed
  2. Which of your values have been questioned as a result of this class, and how are you resolving these?
  3. Have you reflected the new learning with regards to families you know and/or internship situations that you may be in? What are your insights?
  4. What are your reactions to the psychoeducation models?
  5. In reviewing the comparative material in the text book, explain which theory you are currently favoring.
  6. What are your experience and opinions concerning the use of assessments fro couple and family therapy? Should they be used?
  7. your work with families that are culturally different from you – culture includes sexual orientation, disability etc.

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