What problems did you identify with the IO’s strategy of addressing the policy problem?

This paper builds on your project proposal paper where you introduced a policy problem and IO and provided some background information on each. In this paper, you will provide a critical analysis and offer recommendations on how to solve the policy problem you identified. This means you will provide more details on how the IO has attempted to solve the policy problem, why they were unsuccessful and what you think they could have done differently.
What strategies has the IO used to address the policy problem in the past? Provide as much details as possible.
How did the major stakeholders respond to the IO’s strategies? What was their response?
Which of the IO’s strategies worked/didn’t work? Why?
What problems did you identify with the IO’s strategy of addressing the policy problem? Was it an issue of enforcement? Was it difficult to monitor compliance? Was difficult to get member states to agree on a solution?
How have other IOs dealt with similar policy problems?
What steps do you recommend the IO take to solve the problem?
How would you convince the IO to adopt your plan? You need to provide a convincing argument why your solution is superior to others.
What timeline do you think it would take to solve the policy problem? And what would the world look like if your policy recommendation worked?
Additional requirements
Undergraduate students must use 5 or more scholarly sources for their paper and graduate students must use 8 or more scholarly sources for their paper.
Paper should be submitted as a Word document on Canvas and should be at least 1500 words for undergraduates and at least 2500 words for graduate students, double spaced, written in Times New Roman, 12-point font, with 1-inch margins, standard character spacing and page numbers.
Paper should include a title that clearly communicates the paper’s purpose, in-text citations, and a complete list of sources in a bibliography section at the end of the paper.
Avoid quotes, especially long ones, it is difficult to evaluate your understanding of the material when you use someone else’s words extensively.
Below in uploaded files I have my orginal rough draft paper for the proposal. Then below I have posted the feedback that my professor gave me regarding my initial paper.
This paper has a few issues. First, it relies on mostly news articles, and not particularly reputable ones, as sources and do not provide any statistics or data to support claims. Second, it repeats many “conspiracies” as you called them, without any analytical or objective research attesting to whether these conspiracies have any merit. Third, the WWF as an organization is not really discussed, there is one very long quote on the first page about its origins but little about its structure etc. Finally, your paper title gives the reader the impression that you will be talking about trophy hunting but it isn’t mentioned until the 3rd page of a 4 page paper. The idea for this paper will need to be significantly rehauled for the second part of the paper due at the end of the semester because the policy issue you are examining is not clear.

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