To address the questions

For this assignment, you must use detailed statistical data, researched information and economic theories to support the arguments that you will present in your text.
Describe and analyze an issue related to International Trade or Globalization which has positively or negatively impacted the economy of a country or region of your choosing in the past or in the present.
To address the questions, research must be done. It is important that factual information be provided so as to provide an accurate description.
You should include all of the following in your text, but can choose to incorporate additional information so as to provide a more complete response:
Informational Introduction
Very briefly describe the country or region of your choice.
Focus on that country’s or on that region’s trade patterns with one or many of its important trade partner(s). You must use statistical data and factual information to address this question.
Theoretical Question
You must integrate at least two economic concepts acquired in this class to explain how the country or the region that you chose was positively or negatively impacted by trade. You can use graphs or equations to relate the theory that you chose.
Normative Question
You may address the following, but can decide to address more questions:
“What are the specific positive or negative impact(s) of international trade or of globalization on the country or region that you chose?”
“Which group is particularly affected by trade?”
Use the knowledge acquired in this class to make a normative assessment and propose a policy recommendation that you believe would help to mitigate the adverse impact(s) of trade or to enhance the positive impact(s) of trade or globalization on the country or region that you chose. (This last question will account for a significant portion of your Final Project grade)
General Instructions
You must integrate economic theories learned in class and apply them to your analysis.
You must state your interpretation of the information that you provided and then justify your interpretation using several arguments that you will need to explain.
You should take a balanced position.
Special Instructions
You must write at least 1,500 words.
You must also use graphs and/or equations to present your information.
You must appropriately reference all of your sources using the APA or the MLA guidelines.


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