This assignment requires students to begin to apply social work or human service

This assignment requires students to begin to apply social work or human services ethical principles to guide professional practice. The assignment addresses ethical conflicts that are a natural part of social work practice. A central part of the paper should be a candid, NOT first person, but open examination of how your own personal and family ethics, as well as the NASW Code of Ethics and your personal perceptions, attitudes, values, experiences, emotions and stereotypes may influence your ability to perform social work practice.
Students will select an issue that has ethical implications (examples include dual relationships, situations where client self-determination may be a factor, issues of respect or professionalism, etc.)
After thoroughly defining and describing the issue you select, write a narrative that includes:
Describes personal dimensions of how this problem/situation may have somehow touched your life, including a discussion of your personal ethical standpoint and the origin of that ethical standpoint (you must be reflective in this section).
Applies theories/ethics discussed in class and in the required readings to your assessment (Students must use the NASW Code of Ethics for this assignment).
3) The final section should be a thoughtful description of the personal plan you must devise to address
these perceived challenges to optimal professional practice, which includes a description of how you will apply strategies of ethical reasoning to arrive at principled decisions, and which demonstrates your ability to tolerate ambiguity in resolving ethical conflicts.
Limit the body of your paper to 6 to 8 typed pages, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point font, all APA content and structure. You must make use of at least 3 different, professional reference sources (general web pages/sites are not considered professional literature) to support your discussions. Be sure to utilize correct APA format, proof read, and edit your writing.
Resources need to be from the Troy library database, Public library or websites (BUT the websites used can only be from a .org or a .gov site)
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