The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to use your unders

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to use your understanding of social
psychology concepts in a real world application. Mean Girls (2004)
Paper Guidelines
As you watch the film you have chosen, you will notice that there are several examples of various topics,
concepts, and theories from our Social Psychology course depicted. The goal of this paper is to identify
and describe the appropriate terminology for the topic, concept, or theory in your own words. You also
need to clearly explain how it is show in the movie. You need to provide at least 10 different examples
of various topics, concepts, or theories.
Here is an example of what I am looking for in your paper:
1. Stereotypes: A stereotype is an overgeneralization that all members of the group have some
characteristic or quality in common. In The Breakfast Club, Mr. Vernon called on Andy (the
athlete) to prop open the door and criticizes him when he cannot. Vernon is showing a stereotype
by expecting an athlete to be the strongest student in the room and assuming that athletes are
always strong just because they are athletes.
Paper Structure
This paper will be an informal academic paper. That means that you have some flexibility in how you
structure the paper, but please remember, the entire paper should be written in third person. No
direct quotes are allowed throughout the entire paper. You will not earn points for a term, concept, or
theory if you use the definitions from the book (or any other source). The goal here is for you to
paraphrase these concepts to show your understanding of them. You also need to make sure that you are
explaining how the example relates to the concept you are defining.
Below, I have outlined a way to structure the paper to help ease any anxiety about the flexibility with
structure. If you have questions about your specific paper, please do not hesitate to ask.
Paper Components
The paper components are specific sections that should be included in your paper. You should have these
sections indicated with a bold heading in your paper. For the introduction and conclusion, these should be
in a paragraph format. The body of your paper can be in different formats though. You can do bullet
points, a numbered list, or paragraphs. Since you have to keep track of so many concepts and examples, I
suggest a numbered list as shown in the example above.
Title Page
Your paper should have a title page that contains:
(a) Title of the Paper
(b) Name of Student (Author)
(c) Course Name, Number, and Section
(d) Instructor
(e) Name of Institution
(f) Date
Your introduction should be about 1/2 page. The introduction should explain:
(a) Which film did you choose?
(b) What is the film about? This should be a very brief summary.
(c) What is the significance of this film in society?
(d) Why did you choose this specific film? Remember, no first person writing.
The body of your paper should be 2 to 3 pages. This length will absolutely depend on your film and
examples though. The body should explain:
(a) 10 bolded and defined concepts, terms, or theories from the course
(b) 10 examples of the defined concepts, terms, or theories from the film
The conclusion section should be 1/2 page. The conclusion should discuss the following aspects:
(a) Did you find it fairly easy to connect social psychology concepts to the film you choose?
(b) Does analyzing the social psychology concepts in the film change your understanding of the film?
(c) A concluding statement for the paper
Aronson E., Wilson T. D., & Sommers, S. (2019) Social Psychology (10th Ed.). New York, NY:

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