The Mental Health Condition of Indonesia

The Mental Health Condition of Indonesia
I. To write Introduction section (with preliminary introduction as guideline (10 pages)
1. Introduction
– Mental health is worsening, especially in current pandemic situation. Show global data, as it affects happiness, economy, productivity, and then move to Indonesia.
Data from IFLS from 2007 to 2014 shows that there is an increase in mental illness condition.
– Implication is that it is worse for society, not only the affected individuals
– The Indonesian mental health data description from IFLS from 2007 to 2014:
References for Preliminary Introduction
2. Ariefana, P., 2020. Chronology of doctors and nurses who treat corona patients rejected by neighbors. Retrieved from. 152418/kronologis-dokter-dan-perawat-pasien-virus-corona-ditolak-tetangga. Kristian, C., Arifin, 2020. Personal communication with Indonesian nurses. Martínez, I., Murgui, S., García, O.F., García, F., 2019. Parenting in the digital era: Protective and risk parenting styles for traditional bullying and cyberbullying victimization. Computers in human behavior 90, 84–92.


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