The lab report must be written using the USF Lab Report template

Using the USF Lab Report Template Journal Style.doc complete full/formal lab report formatted with 2 columns and all sections completed. I have attached the documents that are needed to create the charts along with the calculations to complete the remainder of the table (found in titration chart).
The lab report must be written using the USF Lab Report template, simply deleting the instructions from the example and inserting it with the written report. I’ve also attached the lab instructions that were used to perform the lab, and inserted the data the professor provided since I was not able to obtain the correct color for the titration. All of my trials ended up being too dark from adding too much of the NaOH to the vinegar that contained the indicator inside of the beaker. There are some calculations that need to be done as well to complete the chart that I uploaded a photo of for the bottom parts of the chart. The formulas needed have been written on the whiteboard shown in the calculations picture uploaded. This is one of our final lab reports. This report is due by 11:59pm Thursday 11/05/2020. I did not learn about this site until tonight from a close friend. I am a single mother going through a divorce with a one year old, working full time, and have not been doing well in this lab from lack of time taking two other courses, trying to graduate this December with my B.S. degree. If someone could help me with this paper, I would be forever grateful!! Though I provided all of the information, I can answer any questions that might be unclear in the lab instructions.

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