The Day Of My Cousin Sister DeathFrom Leukemia

The Day Of My Cousin Sister DeathFrom Leukemia


Life is full of various events, moments, memories and experiences.but all of these are not equally important,enjoyable and memorable. Some memories in life are good and some are bad .everyone has a special memory that they will never is said that human memory is very short but time cannot erase some incident from our memory.that is why I still can remember that is a sad memory of my life when my cousin sister died from leukemia.



Firstly what is leukemia? Leukemia are cancer of the blood-forming tissues white blood cells may be produced in excessive amount and are unable to work properly which weakens the immune system.there is no cure for any kind of cancer, but there are treatments that may be able to cure for some people of cancers.

On October 15 2006 after school I came home I saw my mom was crying and I ask my dad what happened then he told me my cousin sister Tokyo, she is diagnosed with cancer.I was lost and couldn’t even think what’s gonna happen to her .I was so confused and lost I asked god why it has to be her and why it has to be cancer?my aunt and uncle they were broke and lost.they both were crying like the whole worldshattered into pieces. My family was so devastated and couldn’t think what’s gonna  happen next .I ran to my room and I cried a lot saying God please help my cousin to recover. Then my mom came to my room with my sisters we all did cry the babies.then my mom told us everything is gonna be okay.she said we gonna fight to cure her sickness and we gonna we be with aunt and uncle in their thought time.


Secondly, my family start looking for doctors all over the country, trying to find a good doctor to cure my cousin sister . My cousin sister scared of injection needles. Every time when she goes to the hospital she cries a lot because she was scared to injection needles .when we went to the hospital the doctors told my aunt that she needs to do chemotherapy and takemedication to cure the cancer, and also doctor told us that she will lose her hair and will be so weak after the chemotherapy.all this information makes all of us depressed and stressed my aunt and uncle doesn’t know what they gonna do parents were with them all the time so they can be strong and focus on curing their daughter.all the family gathered so they can support and help my aunt and uncle with anything what everthey need to cure their daughter.every day  my aunt and uncle went to the hospital to be with theirdaughter.i never left her alone,I go to see her everyday after school. she is my best cousin.i used to play with her all the time.i grow up with her.I tried my best to me with her so she can be happy and forget about her sickness.



Thirdly, she continue taking medications and chemotherapy for 10 months but nothing didn’t change day by day she got day I went to the hospital with my parents I saw her in her room she was lookingbold headed and so skinny.i was so shocked seen her I felt like I gonna lose my cousin forever,I started crying and my mom took me to the hallway and told me not to cry in front of her that she will be sad seeing me crying so I stop crying and went back to the room to talk to her. while I was talking to her I felt that she become a brave girl.she is not crying, she smiled all the time I was thinking to myself before she was scared to hospital and injections needles, but now she changes herself she becomes strong girl. While we was in then room with her then doctors came to the room they ask my aunt and uncle to come outside the room.I was worried when they went out of the room.then thedoctor told them that the cancer spread all over her body and it will be so hard to cure her. I heard my aunt screaming and crying saying “God please save my daughter” I was talking to my cousin so she don’t hearmy aunt aunt and uncle came back to the room.they both was devastated for the sad news, but they never show her daughter how sad they are.they came back to the room with a smile face, but I knew what happening to her.i was so sad that my heart couldn’t take no longer.i felt like my heart broken into pieces.after couple of days we get a call from my aunt saying that my cousin sister not breathing good, her heart beats slowing down so we rushed to the hospital and all the family was aunt and uncle and everybody was crying. I ran to my parents I huggedthem and I cry with them ,I was so broken that I couldn’t help her to cure her sickness.


On next day September 21st 2007 morning she world change and everything around me went downhill. I was shattered because she was taken so soon at the age of 5 years old.she was just a kid.The day she buried it was like she took a piece of me with her when she went six feet under because she was so close to me.she was more like my own sister.that day I asked “God why good people always die soon and bad people live longer”.but I had to to be strong for my family.if they see me crying they gonna be sad and fall apart.specially my aunt and uncle who lost their only daughter. I will remember my cousin sister forever I will always love her, miss her all my life.


In conclusion, this was one of the worst  experiences in my life I learnt a lot from this memory. That life is soshort and we will never know what gonna happen next keeps smiling and be happy with your family.In the blink of an eye Everything can change so forgive often and love with all your heart. you might never know when you may not have that chance again. So live the life to the fullest.This is the lesson I learnt from my story. I will never forget this memory never in my life.



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