The Coronavirus (COVID19)

TOPIC: The Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic has already influenced all of our lives. We’ve had to adjust our personal lives, our professional activities, and our social habits. It’s difficult to imagine an area of life that has not been touched by this disruptive tragedy. According to your research, what are likely to be the four most significant, permanent, effects of this pandemic? You may choose to write about the overall effects, or you may choose ot focus on an area of interest to you (for example, health care, banking & finance, business, etc.)
Format: Your research paper must conform to the MLA guidelines. It must be typed; it must contain parenthetical, in-text citations as established by the MLA; and it must include an MLA formatted Works Cited page. Words on the Works Cited page do not count towards the minumum word count.
You research paper must be a persuasive analysis with a clearly defined thesis statement. Body paragraphs should begin with strong, assertive topic sentences, and must be supported by ample in-text citations from your sources.
Your evidence should come from these sources, primarily in the form of direct quotations, although paraphrases and summaries are at times appropriate. These must all be attributed with parenthetical citations, according to the MLA guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade. Avoid using long quotations, please. To do so will negattively impact yourt grade.


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