Strategy (N1021) and Strategy for Finance (N1575) 2020/2021

Strategy (N1021) and Strategy for Finance (N1575) 2020/2021
Individual Project Report – 30%
Word count: 1,500 words (+/- 10%, excluding tables, figures and bibliography)
Project task:
The Covid pandemic has been a global challenge for businesses worldwide. In response, firms have been engaging in various activities to address the crisis, accounting for needs of various stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and communities/society. Especially large and successful companies have been under pressure to act appropriately and responsibly.
In this project your task is to examine in greater detail the Covid-related strategic responses of a Fortune Global 500 firm based on information available on the Internet. After identifying the company’s products and services, industry, major clients, values and mission/vision statement, you are asked to find out about the company’s Covid-related strategic responses to four major stakeholder groups (employees, customers, suppliers, and communities/society). Finally, you are expected to assess to what extent the company’s Covid response strategy reflects or goes beyond (or perhaps against) their values, mission and vision statement.
Please answer all three questions:
(1) Identify the company’s major products and services, industry, major (type of) clients, values, and mission/vision statement.
(2) Identify how the company (if at all) has addressed the Covid crisis with respect to four major stakeholder groups: employees, customers, suppliers, and community/society.
(3) Evaluate the extent to which the company’s Covid responses reflect their values and mission/vision statement.
Please structure your answers by question, i.e. (1), (2) and (3), and answer all aspects of each question. If you are unable to find information on specific aspects please indicate that as well and try your best to capture as much relevant information as possible.
To answer each of the questions, please make use of various Internet sources: corporate website, business press articles, industry reports, newspaper articles, blogs, videos etc. Please reference these sources throughout the text wherever you make use of them (and include a complete bibliography at the end). Use Google Translate for non-English web pages. You may further use tables and figures to capture information (they are excluded from the word count). Good luck


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