Strategic Marketing Management


This assignment paper consists of three business marketing case analysis and two pricing decisions. You are required to study and compile answers on different elements of the analysis. Your analysis starts from criticizing or commenting on the subject matter flowed by identification, explanation and analysis of the cases in your own understanding.


In providing answers, start with an introduction that motivate your answers and try to contextualize your arguments. Organize your thoughts putting some definitions, drawing the illustrations and reference core models, explanation of the topics, examples of the topic and or key point as well as advantages and disadvantages. Provide analysis of the pros, cons, issues and implications of a particular theory or topic related to the question. Discuss the theory against other perspectives/theory. Finally, write a conclusion by supporting the work with references and examples throughout.


Question 1: Business ethics in strategic marketing management


“In modern business, ethics is critical to all aspects of global business because the issues of corporate social responsibility and value maximization were fundamentally rooted in ethical business practice. In marketing ethics is a foundational instrument from initiating to implementing strategic marketing procedures. With this in mind, critically evaluate the concept of ethics in strategic marketing by identifying the issues and benefits of ethical practice using business as well as marketing examples to justify your argument.”


Question 2: Porter’s generic strategy instrument in marketing management


Marketing strategy can be formally envisioned as a hierarchy reflecting the marketing structure of an organization. Use Porter’s generic strategy as an instrument in marketing management and explain how a multinational company can develop a feasible strategic plan to increase its global marketing outreach. In addition, critically evaluate the adoption of Porter’s (1980) generic strategies framework for advanced market planning.


Question 3: Resource-based views in strategic marketing management


Advocates of the resource-based view argue that “Those organizations that are in possession of unique resources have the basis for a superior performance advantage over their rivals.” However, many arguments against this view are being developed now a day’s providing justifications inherited in ‘resource curse theory’ which puts that even organizations with tremendous resources often face a difficulty to generate a higher return, especially when corruption and embezzlement are prevailing a corporate. Critically analyze these divergent views in a strategic marketing to achieving a competitive advantage.


Question 4: Pricing decision 1


Suppose ABC manufacturer has the following costs and sales expectations

Variable cost per units(unit variable cost)……….10br
Total Fixed cost………………300,000 br
Expected unit sales…………..50,000units
Total invested capital ………..1milion br


And assume the ABC manufacturer wants to earn a 20 percent markup on sales and 20 percent return on investment.

What should be the price of ABC manufacturer product and the profit per unit when it uses markup pricing method?
What should be the price of ABC manufacturer product and the profit per unit when it uses investment return pricing method?
Compute the break-even volume


Question 4: Pricing decision 2


DKT Ethiopia demands to set the price for its newly produced Hiwot Trust condoms. The estimated fixed cost is 200,000birr with total variable cost of 50,000 birr. The company estimates to have a sale of 50,000 Hiwot Trust condoms with 30% return on its 400,000 birr investment.

What price should the company charge for its Hiwot Trust condoms, if the company decides to use Investment return pricing?
Compute the break-even volume
What will be the price for the Hiwot Trust condoms if the company decides to use markup pricing instead of target return pricing with 20% markup on sales?

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