Revelations and dances from Dancing in the Light- due by May 8

Please submit your observations after watching BOTH these videos and all 7 dances.

Note that Alvin Ailey’s Revelations is a suite of dances- all 11 songs are a part of the whole dance. More info here about this iconic, ground breaking work.

These are six works in Dancing in the Light from six more historic African-American choreographers:

Asadata Dafora

Talley Beatty

Donald McKayle

Pearl Primus

Kathrine Dunham

Bill T. Jones

Please write at least 2 paragraphs about these works. Did you see any similarities in them (not in the costumes, or music, but in the DANCE, in the movements)? Maybe you saw similar themes? What did these dances tell you about the African-American experience? What did these dances tell you about society, politics, the economy…. during this time? What did they shed light on?

Please compare at least 2 of these DANCES to Alvin Ailey’s dance. As always- write about anything you saw and about how you felt. I want to know if there is any way you can relate to these works or to the emotions portrayed. Can you compare them to other dance forms we’ve covered in this course?
Would you call them “protest” dances? Why or why not?

Please italicize titles of dances and always mention the choreographer! And the dancer (s) if you like- there are several solos.

First Video :

I will include some of the name of these dance in the first video under file as image okee.

Then this is second video:

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