Research paper instructions: – Your paper should be 2500 ± 100 words long, which

Research paper instructions:
– Your paper should be 2500 ± 100 words long, which is about 5 single-spaced pages, NOT counting the
bibliography. Word processing apps have a Review menu with functions like word count, spell check,
thesaurus, and mark-up features. Select the text in your paper and click on the word count function to find
out how many “words” you paper has.
– Use 1-inch margins, a size 11 or 12 point font, and a readable font
– Attach a cover page with your name, the due date, and a descriptive title. For example, “Nutrition term
paper” is not descriptive, “Food Poisoning” is not descriptive enough, but “Factors in the U.S. Food
Production Chain that Contribute to Food Poisoning” is very descriptive.
– You should use images (graphs, photos, drawings, tables) to help communicate paper content. Please refer
to the figures and tables in the text and include figure legends to explain figures and descriptive titles to
explain tables. Figures and tables do NOT contribute to word count, but often present data and concepts
more clearly than descriptive text.
– Cite sources using the MLA or APA system. Information about MLA and APA citation systems is found at the
Prim Library website Citation Guides tab.
– When you state a fact that is not widely known, place an in-text citation at the end of the phrase or sentence,
just before the punctuation mark. You do NOT have to use citations for facts that are widely known, for
example, “food poisoning can kill people,” but you should cite a source for a detailed fact, for example,
“cases of food poisoning decreased in 2020 in comparison to the previous three years (CDC, 2022)2.”
– You are encouraged to refer to the SNC Common Rubric for Written Communication, which is on the last
page of this assignment handout, for guidelines on excellence in writing.
– use the resources in the file.
The body of your paper may contain:
– What is/are the issue(s) or problem(s)? Give a more compete description of the issue(s)/problem(s).
– Background information about the issue or problem (this may be the longest part of your paper)
o What information is important to know to understand the issue or problem?
o Show or describe evidence that backs up the existence of the issue(s)/problem(s)
o What groups of people have a personal stake in the issue or problem?
o How did things get to be this way?
o Is this closely related to some other issues or problems and how?
– Possible solution(s) to the issue(s) or problem(s)
o Why is it important/ethical/cost-effective to address the issue or problem?
o Information important to know to understand solution(s)
o What groups can or should be involved in the solution(s)
o Who might implement solution(s) and how?
o Could solution(s) positively impact other issue(s)/problem(s)?

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