Provide a hypothetical case study (you must use a couple or family, not an indiv

Provide a hypothetical case study (you must use a couple or family, not an individual) and consider one modern model and one postmodern model of family therapy to potentially use with your case. Please see the list of modern and postmodern models to choose from in the course project instructions. This should be a case that you create yourself. You can also use a couple or family from a well-known movie or novel, but do not use your own family or relationship.
Note: Assessment and analysis of the case according to the two models is not necessary at this stage, as this will be completed in later assignments. Your analysis at this stage should be geared around how each model might be a good fit for the nuances of the case.
In a paper of at least three pages, include the following for your case:
A brief summary and examination of the primary case information and models including:
Case Characteristics and Contextual Information
Individuals involved.
Cultural and diversity factors.
Current life situation of the family.
Family perspective on presenting issues and problems.
Transitions that the family or couple are undergoing or anticipating.
Individual, family, and community strengths and resiliency factors.
Goodness of Fit for Selected Models
Using the course materials (textbooks) and supplemental references (peer-reviewed articles, books by original theorists), analyze the case information and the potential benefits of each of your selected models for the case. For example, what are some of the attributes, assumptions, or tenets of each model that offer a potentially good fit for the needs of your case?
A brief examination of at least two peer-reviewed articles, one for each model, that demonstrates the application of your chosen models to similar cases. Relate how these applications support the potential use of each respective model to your own case.
A closing discussion, which should include a brief summary of how your selected models respectively demonstrate a potential good fit for your case and how their relevance has been established through similar applications.
Modern Models
Bowen Intergenerational Therapy (family systems, Bowenian therapy, etcetera).
Satir Experiential Therapy.
Symbolic-Experiential Therapy.
Structural Family Therapy.
Strategic Therapy.
MRI Brief Therapy.
Milan Systemic Therapy.
Postmodern Models
Narrative Therapy.
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.
Collaborative Therapy.

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