PRINCIPLES OF COACHING BONUS OPPORTUNITY Your Submissions must be your own refle

Your Submissions must be your own reflections. Cannot copy
someone else’s work.
Remember, the Principles of Coaching Course final grade is
out of 600 Total Points. The Principles of Coaching Bonus opportunity will be
worth 30 POINTS out of the 600 POINTS.
During the Spring 2022 Principles of Coaching course we
have discussed many different Coaching Principles topics, including:
Developing your Coaching Philosophy, Objective, Coaching
Styles, Coaching Character, Communicating and Motivating Athletes, Managing
Behavior, Technical/Tactical Skills, Planning for Teaching, Energy Fitness,
Muscular Fitness, Fueling Your Athletes, Role in the Athlete Health Care Team,
Anatomy and Sport Injury Terminology, Emergency Action Steps, Assessment,
Treatment, First Aid Techniques, Moving Injured/Ill Athletes, Respiratory
Injuries and Illness, Head, Spine, Nerve Injuries, Upper and Lower
Musculoskeletal Injuries
To receive full credit for this assignment, please
discuss (3) topics discussed in class throughout the semester and seen in the
Nothing : New Zealand All Blacks”
Your discussion should be a 2 Page single spaced report
Guided Examples / Discussion questions: (These are only
here to help you with your 2 page outline. There many different questions that
could be used here. These are just examples.)
Describe the head coach’s relationship with assistant
coaches? Describe the Head Coach’s relationship with the players. Why are these
relationships important to the team? Explain
How does the Head coach’s demeanor and communication
influence the team? Explain
What injuries occur during the games? What are the signs and
symptoms for the injuries? Explain
How does being transparent (open) help build relationships
and team cohesion between team members and coaches? What will you do as a coach
to create this environment for your team? Use examples from the video. Explain
How does competition bring the best out of an athlete? Use
examples from the video as well as from your personal experience. Explain
How does the coach manage the players and the media? Explain
How does the coach manage star players getting injured? Explain
What energy systems are being utilized in the sport of
rugby? Give examples utilizing what is seen in the video?
What rehabilitative exercises are executed by the Athletic
Training Staff seen in the video?
Describe the coaches philosophy, objectives and coaching
style. Give examples from the video.
Buzz words seen in the video that you can discuss:
Team Dynamics, team cohesion, leadership qualities),
goals/processes, accountability, loyalty, hard work, work ethic, technique in
practice, skills and drills in practice, schemes, adversity, managing players,
managing coaches, managing important games, developing culture, coaching
communication, coaching demeanor, first aid techniques, energy systems,
resistance training, conditioning, nutrition, hydration, budgeting, scheduling,
head injuries, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, musculoskeletal injuries,
You must turn in thorough (quality) work in
order to receive full credit. Work that does not meet the above requirements
will be passed over and you will not receive any bonus points. The instructor
has discretion on how bonus points are allocated

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