Please read entire assignment.

Please read entire assignment.
Now that you have reviewed the resources and participated in the Discussion on group dynamics and team member roles, your task is to apply lessons learned in a Communication Consultant Team Analysis.
You are provided two groups and team scenarios below. You will choose one of the scenarios provided and create an analysis based on your observations about their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which could include group member roles.
Consider the lessons learned from our required and optional resources, as well as your own experience, as you assess and analyze your selected scenario.
Imagine your Communication Consultant Team Analysis will go to a manager, who may look to you for suggestions and recommendations.
Remember to use an effective, formal business communication writing style in your analysis.
To prepare: 

Review the required resources.
Select a scenario.

Write a one-page Communication Consultant Team Analysis based on one of the four workplace team scenarios provided in which you complete a Communication Audit:

Assess Strengths
Assess Weaknesses
Assess Opportunities
Assess Threats

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