Please create a fake scenerio This paper is designed for you to complete a diag

Please create a fake scenerio
This paper is designed for you to complete a diagnosis, assessment, and
treatment plan for a child client. You will also reflect on the use of self in creating a therapeutic alliance and understanding your emotional reactions to the child. This paper must include a minimum of ten scholarly references (e.g., course articles and texts, DSM-5, assessment tools, measurement instruments, etc.). This is a self-reflective 10-12-page paper. Write in first person.
∙ Present a complete assessment (in paragraph form) including the child’s developmental and family history, cultural heritage, and religious background. Discuss any collateral contacts who may have facilitated this process, e.g., family members, neighbors, friends, schools, courts, other service providers, etc. What are the strengths, coping strategies, protective, and resilience factors for the child? What are the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and risk factors for the child?
∙ Identify and address any relationship dynamics, power differentials or diversity issues between the child and child caregivers and you. Discuss how a working relationship was established between the family and you and between the child and you. What have you done to gain more knowledge of the diversity reflected in the client system and how have you applied that to assessment and intervention. What have been your most powerful emotional and cognitive reactions to the child and his/her family? Discuss transference and counter transference issues.
∙ Provide a full diagnosis for your child client.
∙ Formulate a treatment plan with the child’s family. Write a complete and specific treatment plan, in outline form, that includes: a statement of the primary and secondary presenting problems; the treatment goals specifically related to the primary and secondary problems; the objectives specifically related to each treatment goal; and the treatment interventions specifically related to each objective. Support the interventions with research and theory. What is your short-term and long-term prognosis for the client?
∙ Comment on the client’s progress to date relevant to the treatment goals. What criteria will you use for termination and who is responsible for that decision? How and when will you introduce termination to the client? How will you terminate? How will you follow-up with the client? How will you evaluate the therapeutic work with the client? Even if you cannot follow through with everything you would like to plan because of circumstances beyond your control, what would you do in the best of all possible worlds?

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This paper is designed for you to complete a diag appeared first on Skilled Papers.





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