NURS1003 the Discipline of Nursing Case Study Assessments

NURS1003 the Discipline of Nursing

Assignment Details:

  • Words: 1000


  • There are 3 clinical scenarios identified for this assessment.
  • You are expected to choose 1 clinical scenario to discuss as per the criteria The case study should be set out as follows: (please note word limits identified here are a guide only)


Provide a brief introduction explaining what it is you will be discussing in your case study.

An introduction is designed to capture the markers attention and outline your case study succinctly, it is not a restatement of the case study.


In this section, identify the issues or problems you have identified from the scenario.

Why are the issues or problems? For example, are they

  • Ethical problems / issues
  • Legal problems / issues – as relating to the regulatory bodies
  • Both ethical and legal problems / issues

Back up your discussion with evidence from the literature / professional bodies / regulatory boards


Summarise your case study describing the main findings to the reader. Do not bring in any new information, and ideally there should be no referencing in this section.

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