MGNT2SM Principles of Sustainable Management Practice Assignment Help

MGNT2SM Principles of Sustainable Management Practice Assignment Task


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 1000


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The intention with this assignment is to fulfil several objectives:


  • Provide for a balanced and curriculum‐aligned assessment that obligates your engagement with the learning material we have associated with the two learning themes:

1.     Responsible strategic management practices and ethical business management

2. Strategic management as the conduit for executing intention


  • Provide opportunity for you to earn a mark towards your final module grade award.



How corporate social responsibility projects can be derailed


Big companies operating in developing countries often use corporate social responsibility initiatives to position themselves as development agents and friends of the host communities.

But in places like South Africa – and within the mining sector in particular – initiatives aren’t achieving the objectives they were designed to meet. Animosity between corporations and hosting communities persists.

The Marikana massacre in 2012 is a case in point. A labour dispute between platinum mining company, Lonmin, and its workers, spiralled out of control, resulting in the death of 34 miners after police opened fire on a demonstration. The events at Marikana show how animosities continue to exist, and the damage they can cause.

One of the factors that emerged in the years thereafter is that there were major gaps in Lonmin’s corporate social responsibility programme. An analysis of the Marikana events show that the company failed dismally to meet its housing plans for workers. This left a significant portion of the workforce living in dehumanising conditions.


Source: Olorunjuwon, S. (2018). How corporate social responsibility projects can be derailed. Mail and Guardian. Retrieved: projects-can-be-derailed/



You have learned that corporate citizenship is the notion that businesses have a responsibility to contributing to sustainable outcomes, no matter what they do. And, you have learned that responsible business decisions are made according to specific contributing components, supported by strategic guidance instruments.


Prepare an essay that addresses the following two issues:

  1. Is corporate responsibility something that can be ignored ‐ by big businesses such as Lonmin in the pursuit of making profits for shareholders, if it makes a substantial contribution to government revenue? (This is a theoretical perspective).
  2. Based on the Lonmin case and your additional reading, what are the factors that big businesses should build into their decision making when they formulate their strategic plans? (This is a practical perspective that takes into account your answer to part A).


It will be necessary to prepare an introduction and a conclusion, but the emphasis is upon these two parts. If you want to, you can label them with headings (like, for example, ‘A The theoretical perspective’ and ‘B The practical perspective’), or anything you think will emphasise your evident comprehension and grasp of the concepts.




Dimension Criterion

Structure, presentation and



Does the submission have a coherent structure? Is it easy to navigate and scholarly in style, with sound discussion?





Has the extant literature been sufficiently delineated at the level of study, to be considered a sound demonstration of knowledge?



Argument and/or discussion


Has the assignment task been accomplished and have the issues been addressed?


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