Mariya trading LLC. is a leading Computer Networking Company in Oman which focuses on cutting edge technologies on communication and networking that help organizations to enhance productivity, increase service capacity and provide security. The company is known for its quality of services, customer loyalty and comfort level tha

Course Work

Name of Module Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Aim To apply object oriented techniques for an information system as per the given specification and to develop UML models using software modeling tool.
Learning outcomes On successful completion of this course work, students will able to:
1.Understand and apply object oriented techniques to the analysis and design of software systems
2.Develop object oriented specifications using the Unified Modelling Language (UML)
3.Develop UML models using currently available software modelling tools
Task Expected

The coursework for the OOAD module is a group coursework in which you will be creating some UML models for a new Software system.


Mariya trading LLC. is a leading Computer Networking Company in Oman which focuses on cutting edge technologies on communication and networking that help organizations to enhance productivity, increase service capacity and provide security. The company is known for its quality of services, customer loyalty and comfort level that has been provided to customers.

They have 24X7 customer service team who know the importance of Customers issues and commitment to their valued customers. They have dedicated team to support and service their customers to the fullest in the designing and implementing cost effective solution.

They are planning to expand and open more branches in different locations in Oman.

Currently the company maintains its stock in a manual manner that creates a lot of problems and affect its business. Due to this, the Company would like to have a stock maintenance system which would make less paper work, less errors and an improved system to the Customers and Administrator. Also the administrator would like to have additional features to be incorporated into the new system.

You have been commissioned to investigate the current system and produce a specification for a proposed new system.

Summary of Data and Procedures
A stock maintenance system is a combination of technology (hardware and software) and processes and procedures that oversees the monitoring and maintenance of products stocked by a company. These products can be either company assets, raw materials, or finished products that are ready to be sent to vendors or end consumers.

The new stock maintenance system for the company is to replace the existing maintenance system which is inefficient. The new stock maintenance system should allow the employee to record information of the items available and generate report based on the total amount of sales. The stock maintenance must take care of sales information of the company and must analyze the potential of the trade.

The main aspects of stock maintenance system are described as follows:

Stock Manager
The stock manager logs in with the user name and the password. He analyses the stocks and identifies the list of items needed if items are out of stock or expired. Then he prepares purchase order with the list of items to be bought. Then he calls the company for quotations. After receiving the quotations from the companies, the stock manager choose the best quotation. Then the stock manager purchases the needed goods from the corresponding company. After delivery of all the goods by the company, payment is done and the goods are delivered by the company.

Then the stock manager sells the goods to many customers and updates all the details in the database. By processing these steps the stock manager manages the stock available.

The customer has to login to the system and order for items.

The supplier checks the order, supplies the items and receive payment

The employee can add, change, delete the information from the system and check the stock.

New features/Requirements

Mariya trading LLC has also requested that the following features should be incorporated into their new system:
a)Reports Customer report
This should provide the details of a customer and their purchase during certain time period.

Quotation report
This should provide the details of the quotations received from different companies for buying an item.

b)Additional Features/Requirements

You may also add any additional features which could be used within the new system. These must be discussed within the team and must be clearly documented.

Note that the current system is a manual system – which uses various Forms. The new Software system will no longer use Forms – it will be fully computerised.

Using a UML Case tool, create the UML models (diagrams and text) as indicated below.

ALL Diagrams MUST be within a SINGLE StarUML Project – you must NOT use separate Projects

If you feel that textual explanations and assumptions would be helpful, please include them with the diagrams.


Name ID Price Type Manufacturing date Expiry date

Order ID Product ID Quantity Amount

NAME ID Contact
number User
name password

NAME ID Contact
number User name password

NAME ID Contact number Address User name Password


Name ID Phone No Address

Supplier ID Order ID Date Payment Amount

SECTION 1 UML specifications
1Develop a Use-Case Model
a)Create a single Use Case Diagram for the new Software system

b)Write Use Case Scenarios for THREE of the use cases you have identified.
All of these Use Cases MUST be non trivial and NOT be similar to each other
(One of the Use cases must be a Report or Invoice)
Alternative/ sad scenarios must be clearly identified – e.g in BOLD

c)Write a Use Case Form for each of the Use Case Scenarios identified from 1b) above.

15 marks

2Create Activity Diagrams
a)Create an Activity Diagram for the THREE use cases for which you have written a Use Case Form in 1c). You must clearly specify which Use Cases

10 marks
3Identifying Classes and Collaborations
a)Produce a Key Abstraction Form, giving reasons for eliminating any of the candidates.
b)Produce CRC Cards – consider how the various classes might interact. Determine responsibilities and collaborations for each class ( A clear photo of them on a desk or on a white board would be fine)
c)Develop a Class Diagram for the system. You should also provide an explanation/justification of the use of inheritance, associations, aggregations and generalisations

15 marks
4Create Interaction Diagrams
a)Create a Sequence Diagram for THREE significant non-trivial use cases

b)This MUST correspond to the Use Cases that you described using Use Case Scenarios and Forms from 1b/c. (One of these MUST be a Report/Invoice)

c)Associated screen layouts should be produced for each Sequence diagram.

d)Examine the diagrams you have developed in 4(a) and check to see if any changes to your class diagram(s) are needed. This will involve identifying if any changes are required to the classes, associations, aggregations and generalisations. You should clearly justify why you consider any changes are (are not) necessary.

15 marks

5Create a State Diagram
a)Create a State Diagram for a suitable Class which would benefit from state diagram. (You MUST clearly specify which Class)
5 marks

You MUST ensure that all of the UML diagrams/documentation are consistent throughout the coursework

SECTION 2 A Joint Team Report
Each section MUST be clearly identified :
1.Details of the initial plan: indicating how the work was decomposed into individual tasks and allocated to team members. The roles of individual team members should also be identified.
2.A retrospective discussion about the overall successes and weaknesses of the process of carrying out the original plan.
3.Notes of team meetings
10 Marks

A Coursework Checklist MUST also be submitted – see Blackboard

SECTION 3 An Individual Report – from each member
This MUST cover the following:
1.How you felt YOUR individual role, tasks and performance contributed to the success of the project (no more than two pages of narrative).
2.An assessment of how you felt the individual contributions of each other team member contributed to the success or otherwise of the project (no more than ½ a page for each team member).
3.A Peer Assessment Form with allocated marks must be completed by each student.

10 Marks

The individual report should be submitted with the complete submission. However, the report should be individually written by each team member and should not be vetted or read by the other team members.

Meetings with customer
Each Group will have TWO Formal meetings with the Customer. Each group will show what work they have done so far and this will be discussed with the Customer. This meeting will be assessed – additional information will be provided before each meeting. Meeting 1 – Use Case Model and related information
Meeting 2 – Class Diagram and related information
10 Marks

Marking scheme

Component Description Weightage (%)
1 SECTION 1 UML specifications 60%
2 SECTION 2 A joint team report 10%
3 SECTION 3 An individual report from each member 10%
4 Meetings with Customer 10%
5 Participation in classroom discussions 10%
Total 100


1.Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, penalty will be imposed leading to zero mark. Policy and guidelines for dealing with plagiarism.
2.The course work shall be subject to plagiarism software check.
3.Course work should be submitted on time.
4.This is a group work consisting of maximum of three students per group
5.Your OOAD Group Number must be specified on :
Group Report
Individual Report
Individual Peer Assessment Form
You should list the names and email addresses of all group members on the front sheet of your report.
6.StarUML Project file :
Must be uploaded
filename : “Group xx StarUML”
7.All Diagrams MUST be in order AND MUST have a title.
8.A Group Coursework Checklist MUST also be submitted – see Blackboard
9.Your submission should include a copy of all diagrams produced, reports and any assumptions made.
10.The completed course work is to be submitted online through Learn on or before the deadline (The group leader or any other member in the group can submit)

Harvard Referencing First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing references.

Reference no: EM132069492

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