List and explain the eight

Please answer the following questions thoroughly.
1) List and explain the eight criteria of justice that Socrates explains. Explain how each of these elements contributes to the perfectly just society? Next, consider whether the elements on Socrates’ list would agree with what we call justice in the United States. If they are different explain whether you think each of these criteria would make our society better or worse. (10 points)
2) Define and explain temperance, courage, and wisdom and how each is necessary to achieving justice according to Plato in The Republic. Which citizens in Plato’s Republic are responsible for each of these virtues? How are temperance, courage, and wisdom each similar to the work God does in Plato’s Timaeus? (6 points)
3) Explain the 8 metaphors involved in the allegory of the cave. Why in some detail the purpose in Socrates telling the story? (9 points)


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