John Thackara-In the Bubble Designing in a Complex World.

Art 115: Intro to Design
Academic Paper
John Thackara, in In the Bubble Designing in a Complex World, discusses multiple examples of the complexities of our man made world including the systems and structures, which design choices, have created over time.

He writes that every design decision has both positives and negative affects. In 2012 John Heskett, a renown designer, wrote that design should be for the “betterment and enjoyment of all.”

In approximately 1200 words (5 pages) look at the design of a specific product from either Patagonia or Interface Flor as it relates to Thackara’s proposal for design as a solution to our use of resources. Include the idea of triple bottom line and reference the GDC definition of sustainable design.

• Objective: to evaluate your understanding of Thackara’s concepts of designing in our complex world by examining a designed object created by either Patagonia or Interface Flor.

FORMAT: Word document
Body length: 1200 words
Appendix: the specific object you chose from Patagonia or Interface Flor
Academic citations (MLA or APA or Chicago)
Reference list (minimum 4 sources – web citations are permissible)
15% of final grade
section #, your last name, your first name, paper with underscores separating the
e.g.: 21_Young_Ruth_paper

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