Interpersonal communication CMS04220 assignment paper

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Interpersonal communication CMS04220 assignment paper

CMS04220 – Interpersonal Communication
Assignment 4 – Job Application Paper

This assignment is worth 40 points.
In this assignment, you have two primary tasks to complete:
 Firstly, locate THREE job postings online for the ONE type of job that you would most like to have at some point during your post-college career.
o This doesn’t need to be something you could do right after graduation and doesn’t need to be in the U.S.
o The links for all three job postings must be included at the end of the paper.

 Secondly, write a four part essay that includes:
An introduction setting up the main points of the essay
A brief statement identifying the job that you would like to have and a description of the duties and skills necessary for the job
A three section discussion of how understanding concepts from different modules in this course would help someone do this job better.

 Thirdly, you will select three bullet pointed concepts from the lists at the end of this document.
 Each of your three chosen bullets must be from a different module.
o A conclusion wrapping up the take-away points of the essay
This is to be done under the following rules:
 You must have an introduction that sets up the focus of the paper, and a conclusion wraps up the take-away points.
 You will select THREE of the bullet-pointed concepts or principles as your topic of
discussion, following any specific instructions provided for the selected bullet. Each bullet MUST come from a different module. Although other concepts may have been discussed in the chapters, only the concepts in the list are eligible.

 Lastly, you are to use headings to delineate where sections begin and end. The headings should be the concepts, assumptions, or principles as described by the selected bullet point. So each of your three bullet-pointed concepts of principles that you have chosen from the different modules to discuss, you must have a heading for.


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