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The objective of the project is to develop a strategy for a company to develop operations in a foreign country in which they do not currently have operations. For the company that you are analyzing:
1. Select and provide background information on the company – what do they do, how large is the company, etc.
2. Discuss the international operations of the company – what are they doing, where are operations located, how well are they doing?
3. Select a country for analysis. This cannot be a country that the company is currently doing business in.
4. Analyze the country’s potential for future international business.
5. Develop a plan for the company to do business in this country. This could be sales in the country, outsourcing, foreign direct investment (FDI), etc. What are your expectations that the company will be successful?
6. Make sure your course project pages are numbered.
7. Make sure to include the references you have used.
8. Do not forget your cover page!

Country Checklist

Factors to consider in analyzing the country:
• Political System
• Legal System
• Economic System
• Contract Law
• Methods of Resolving Contract Disputes
• Corruption
• Protection of Property Rights
• Economic Development of the Country
• Degree of Political Freedom
• Social Unrest
• Size of Market
• Purchasing Power of Consumers
• Availability of Infrastructure and Supporting Businesses
• Economic Mismanagement of Country
• Legal Risk- Will Country break contract or expropriate property rights
• Cost and Revenue projections – how much uncertainty in estimates
• Regulations – environmental, labor, prices
• Standards for product safety, workplace safety
• Cultural Issues
• Folkways
• Norms
• Tastes
• Comparative Advantage of country
• National Competitive Advantage
• Government Policies Regarding Trade
• Ethical Considerations


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