In this chapter, you will report data to answer sub questions, which will, in tu

In this chapter, you will report data to answer sub questions, which will, in turn, answer the study’s major question.
Tips for Controlling Data
When setting up, arrange all data under their relevant sub question, similar to your explanations in Chapter 3 post ( which is a file that is attached to this order ). Your findings must be reported in real terms, without discussion or opinion.
Note: If you have used any survey instruments such as questionnaires, be sure to mention the total number of each, and report on those that you received back.
Chapter 4 Organization and Structure
Organize your chapter according to the outline below and complete the following steps:
Write an Introduction to the chapter. Your Introduction should include the actual major and sub questions identified in your research design proposal and to be answered through data from your study. You will be repeating the major and sub questions that appeared in your drafts of Chapter 1 and Chapter 3.For an example of an introductory paragraph, see pp. 242-243 in the Writing the Winning Dissertation or Thesis textbook.
Body of the Chapter
Set up information based on the study’s sub questions.
Organize data by repeating each sub question.
Present all the data related to that sub question in the respective paragraph.
If you use any instruments such as questionnaires or surveys in your research present them in the text of this chapter as follows: The questionnaire (see Appendix A) has provided the following data…
If your capstone project includes images, graphics, tables, charts, videos, or other types of visuals, introduce each of them with a short paragraph related to its content.
Have a title on each image, graphic, table, chart, video, etc.
If your visuals, etc. are from other sources, be sure to cite them properly. (For MLA documentation of figures, see the Keys for Writerstextbook, Part 3; for APA documentation see the Keys for Writers textbook, Part 4.)
Present a summary paragraph of the results of data as the conclusion to the chapter.
Do not include interpretation or discussion of data.
The first file is Chapter 3
The second file is Chapter 1
Reference based off these and these include the major and sub question needed to complete this order.

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