I had this essay written by someone else on here but now it is too late to ask f

I had this essay written by someone else on here but now it is too late to ask for it to be redone… This essay is supposed to be about an evaluation/review of a product (Evaluations and reviews are so much a part of our lives that you might notice them only when they are specifically assigned. However, you actually do them all the time. Ever rate a restaurant on Yelp? Ever read a product review on Amazon? Ever decide if you’re going to see a movie based on what someone else has said? Well, then you have some experience with evaluation. It’s one thing to offer an opinion, an entirely different matter to back up a claim with reasons and evidence. Only when you do, will readers take you seriously. For this assignment you will be writing an organized evaluation based on a defined set of criteria—the standards by which objects are measured. Choose a product that you own or buy regularly, anything from a Coleman lantern to Dunkin Donuts coffee. Then write a fully developed review, making sure to name you criteria of evaluation as clearly as Ashley Hennigan does in on the Monsters University site. Be attentive to your specific audience and generous with the supporting details. ) However after a review done by my professor and a few peers it seems as though it doesn’t exactly match the requirements asked by my professor. Here is an excerpt of the requirements by my professor, ( You will not be using any outside sources in this essay. You will be relying on your own ideas and experiences. 1. A thesis statement that expresses your overall judgment. You may also want to “forecast” the criteria (three or four should be sufficient) you used to make your determination.
For example, “While some children may be too old for the rides at Santa’s Village, parents of children under 6 will love it. The exciting rides, pleasant
staff, and unique animals make this azoosment park a great place to take the family. “
2. Be sure to identify what is being evaluated in the introduction.
3. Use the body of your essay to provide support for your evaluation. Each criterion gets its own paragraph or two. Make it clear which one you are developing in the topic sentence.
For example, “Another reason this park is great for kids is because the staff is so helpful and accommodating.”
4. To develop and support your criteria paragraphs, use specific examples and details
5. Try adding a counterargument. The counterargument should be something that needs improvement even if the product/place/service as a whole is great. On the other hand, if your evaluation is negative, the counterargument should be something that is positive. )
The person that originally wrote this chose the topic of Coca-Cola, I personally don’t drink or like Coke so I have zero beneficial input for this topic.
Here are two of the reviews i got for some clarity ( It was super interesting and fun reading about Coca Cola. I made a couple of suggestions in the comments of the rubric for you to look over. I was suggest shifting your essay’s focus from informative to a persuasive evaluation. Right now your essay feels like a report of Coca Cola when it’s meant to be a review or evaluation of the company or product.) (This is an interesting topic to cover; however, I’m not sure it works for this assignment. This is more of a report on the Coca Cola company. Also, there is information in here that had to come from somewhere, which means it has uncited source material. This essay is meant to be a review/evaluation based on only your experience — no outside source material. It’s tricky to write three full pages on this topic, but it can work. You could use the criteria: variety of flavors, attempt at being healthier, availability, effective marketing. Take another look at the assignment, the samples, and let me know what you want to do. I’d be happy to look at another draft and to give you an extension on the final due date)
Thank you for whatever you can do to help! 🙂

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