How unequal is the global society that we live in?

How unequal is the global society that we live in? What evidence existence that there are significant differences in the living standards and life chances of people in different countries? How do modernization, neoliberal, dependency theorists, and other scholars explain the causes of these inequalities?
Answer the questions by addressing all of the material we covered on this subject, including the readings (University of Minnesota and Scanlan) and the film (Life and Debt). You must address all of these issues in order to get full credit for the essay. You must provide evidence in the form of data and citations from the course material to substantiate your points. Do not wander off into a discussion of your own personal opinions and experiences. You must not substitute an exploration of your own views for an engagement with the material we are studying. Students who do so will receive zero credit for this part of their essay.
You may not use anything other than the readings, activities, lectures, etc. covered in this course to write your essay. Do not go to,, Wikipedia, or any other outside source to write your essay. Making use of non-class sources and/or plagiarism of any kind will result in a failing grade of zero and will be reported to the college.
Length and other expectations
Your essay should be 1000 words (or more). It must be clear, well-written, thorough, and thoughtful. You must use proper grammar and spelling.
You are not required to use formal citations, such as APA, MLA, Chicago Manual, etc., for this essay, although you can if you so wish. However, you must indicate the sources from which you are getting the evidence, data, arguments, and quotes you use. To do so, simply put the author(s) last name and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence—e.g. (Lorber 15). If you are drawing on an in-class lecture just put my last name and the date of the lecture—e.g. (Grant-Friedman Oct 16)

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