Here is the link to the film The Battle of Algiers

Here is the link to the film The Battle of Algiers
Your paper is to be structured as follows:
1 – an introduction to the film that provides some general historical context for the film, in terms
of who made it and the time/place in which it was made (and/or the time/place that the film
depicts). In this introduction, you should close with a statement that explains the structure of the
film’s narrative and gives some general sense of how the elements you will assess later (mise-enscene and cinematography) contribute to that narrative.
2 – the second part of your paper should address how mise-en-scene elements contribute to the
film’s narrative. In order to do this, you should decide on some kind of structure (do you want to
do 2-3 paragraphs were each focuses on a different scene? Do you want to focus first on
characters or settings, and track those across the narrative? You have some discretion here).
While you can focus more on some elements of mise-en-scene than others, I do want to get a
sense that you have a broad understanding of the concept, so I would like for you to discuss at
least three elements of mise-en-scene (see Week 3 readings and notes: elements like props,
colors, arrangement of actors in the frame, etc).
3 – the third part of the paper should discuss how cinematographic choices accentuate aspects of
the narrative and the film’s mise-en-scene. As with the previous section, this should be set up so
that you can either assess multiple scenes, track a character across the narrative, or otherwise
explore or explain a pattern that you see playing out across the film. I would choose a
similar/complementary approach to what you do in the prior section. I would like you to use at
least three of the key terms we’ve explored to do with cinematography when composing this
4 – end your paper with concluding remarks about how mise-en-scene and cinematography,
cumulatively, help make meaning in the film. In particular, help me understand how their
interaction and interrelation helps produce effects in the audience/viewer.
You may refer to outside readings, though you do not have to (these include the readings I’ve
assigned in the course so far). If you do, please adopt a consistent citation style, and include a
bibliography/works cited page with your paper. This assignment is “do-able” without referring to
resources, so know that your grade isn’t determined by how much outside research you do. Still,
some may find this useful!

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