Formal Research Proposal with First Five Sources The point of a research proposa

Formal Research Proposal with First Five Sources
The point of a research proposal is twofold: (1) to help you think through your topic idea and ensure it will work for this assignment and (2) to introduce your topic to your instructor for their approval. In general, your proposal should give a full statement of your subject, how you intend to pursue your subject (that is, your thesis and types of support), and finally, why this study is worthwhile. In addition, you will demonstrate that you’ve done some preliminary reading by providing a list of three sources, using proper MLA citation format.
2-3 pages of double-spaced text, not including Works Cited.
Works Cited page showing your first three sources (cited correctly in MLA format.)
Provide some background information about the topic — why write about it now?
Show you’ve done some reading and have an idea of how your angle fits in to the current discussion. (Who are the major stakeholders? What do they think?)
Explain why YOUR paper is worthwhile — how will your paper advance the discussion?
Clearly state your working thesis. What do you hope to convince your audience of? What is your purpose? (What do you want them to feel, think, or do as a result of this information?)
Describe your intended audience (NOT “the general public”). A good audience for a researched argument would be one that is somewhat resistant—as in, they are likely to disagree with you—but is perhaps open to new ideas. Consider what demographic of people might fit into that category for your topic.
Describe which sources, and types of sources, you will use. (Remember that they can’t be all online!) Why will these sources be particularly effective for your purposes?
Describe the types of examples, reasons, support and evidence you will use to make your case
Identify 2-3 objections you intend to address.
Some notes:
This assignment should read closer to an essay than it does to a list. Avoid sounding like you are responding to a worksheet. You are proposing your topic idea to your instructor to make sure it will meet the requirements of the assignment.
This assignment is intended to be helpful pre-drafting, so if you have more information you may write in more detail. You can use parts of your proposal in your final draft. Just make sure you modify the language to make it fit.
Refer to our texts/modules for proper formatting, especially (Links to an external site.) in the Purdue OWL. Make sure your entries are alphabetized.
At this point, your sources don’t necessarily have to be the BEST three sources, but you need to demonstrate that you have looked in several places and have done some searching. Remember, we are looking for BALANCE (several viewpoints or angles covered) and VARIETY (different TYPES of sources).

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