For this portion of the exam please provide your original evaluation, with suppo

For this portion of the exam please provide your original evaluation, with support and key details to address the scenario and questions below in your own words. NOTE: SOURCE QUOTES ARE NOT YOUR WORK and do NOT receive any credit!! You must have at least one scholarly source to support your conclusions. All parts and quality, complete responses are required.
Mechanics: You must follow proper writing, support your information with relevant, scholarly sources (this means remember to credit your sources you developed your responses from). APA formatting is required for the essay portions. Remember to single space paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.) The Writing Center can assist you with how to format in APA and writing style, they cannot assist you with your exam responses and neither can others. This is an individual exam based on your knowledge and research. Single space within paragraphs and double space between paragraphs; paper should use 1 inch margins.
ESSAY questions: As you consider each of these questions and your response also consider the ethical and professionalism component of each when you write your response.
Define and describe the philosophical models for decision making and also define ethical issues for accountants. (2-3 paragraphs of essay answer – NO BULLETS)
Scenario: You are a CPA in the accounting department at a HealthCare System with three other accountants. You are good friends with John Doe, CPA. From many of your conversations you know that John has a family member, Pete Anybody, with a health issues which has resulted in a lot of outstanding medical bills. You also know Pete and are friends with him. Pete is unable to work and is a single Dad of two small children.
Rest of #2: While performing your normal monthly reconciliations you notice that Pete Anybody’s outstanding account balance of $633,000 for the past three months now has a $20 balance. When you investigate you notice it was your co-work John that processed the payment transaction which you do not find a correlating payment for the $633,980 as a whole or in separate payments, there is no support. From your own awareness of Pete and the conversations with John you are aware that Pete does not have the ability to even make payments as he has been unable to work and does not have the money. Thus, when you look a little further you know that John did not have the check to have processed for this payment. What would you do? Please support with scholarly sources and the code of professional conduct to support your response to this situation considering you are also a CPA.

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