For the field you have chosen, answer the questions below. In all answers, be s

For the field you have chosen, answer the questions below. In all answers, be specific and give examples. Read each part of the assignment carefully, think it through, and answer the question completely.
Social Work Values: For four of the values listed below, explain how the value applies to the field you have chosen, using specific examples. Also explain what difficulties, if any, you might have applying that value when working in that field. Give the number and the name of the value you are addressing.
1. Respect for the Dignity and Uniqueness of the Individual
2. Clients’ Right to Self-Determination
3. Confidentiality
4. Advocacy and Social Action for the Oppressed
5. Accountability
6. Institutional Orientation
7. Respect for the Spiritual and Religious Beliefs of Others
8. Promote Social and Economic Justice and Safeguard Human Rights
Social Work Goals: For three of the goals below, explain how the goal applies to the field you have chosen, using specific examples. Give the number and the name of each goal.
1. Enhance the problem-solving, coping and developmental capabilities of people.
2. Link people with systems that provide them with resources, services and opportunities. (What services and opportunities would clients in this field need? In other words, what referrals might you need to make?)
3. Promote the effectiveness and human operation of systems that provide people with resources and services. (What changes need to be made in the service delivery systems in this field? How would those changes make the system more effective and/or more humane?)
4. Develop and improve social policy. (What new policies or improvements on old policies need to be made? How would those changes help clients in this field?)
5. Promote Human and Community Well-Being (What community education would need to be done in this field?)
1. Social Work with Individuals: In what ways would you work with individuals in this field? What types of individuals would you work with?
2. Social Work with Families: Would you work with families in this field? Why or why not? In what ways would you work with families?
3. Social Work with Groups: Which types of groups listed in the book would you be likely to use in this field? Why did you pick those? How would those types of groups be helpful to clients in this field?
4. Social Work with Organizations: With which organizations would you be likely to work in this field? (This means what organization would you work for and what other organizations might you work with?) What difficulties might you have with doing so? Give examples.
5. Social Work with Communities: (Note: In your Generalist Social Work paper, many of you confused this area with working with organizations. What this refers to is community organizing.) How would you use community organizing in this field? For example, if you were a mediator (not one of the fields you can pick for this assignment), you might want to organize a group of people who wanted to pass a law requiring divorce mediation before divorce, or victim-offender reconciliation. Which of the three models would you be most likely to use as an organizer in this field. Why would you use that model in this field?
1. What are your values and experiences that you would bring to working in this field?
2. How would those help or hinder you?
3. How well do your values match accepted social work values in this field? (Be specific and clear. Don’t just say, “Yeah, they match.”)
4. What knowledge or skills would you need to acquire to be effective in this field?

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