Flight Club by Chuck Palahniuk- Authors Roberts and McKevitt

This paper is about Flight Club by Chuck Palahniuk also based on Authors Roberts and McKevitt. The paper also entails The Treadmill of Consumption.

Flight Club by Chuck Palahniuk- Authors Roberts and McKevitt

 This assignment will allow you to provide an in-depth analysis of a specific issue connected with a complex text (the novel Fight Club) and to synthesize this text with an appropriate article that comments on said issue. Further, this assignment allows us to begin using outside research in support of our analysis. Analyze one of the following options in a well-developed essay.

Make sure you have a strong introduction with a very clear thesis statement. Provide strong points in the body of your essay and support them with details and examples. And finally, make sure your conclusion is developed and reflective. This essay must be at least 6 pages typed and double-spaced using 12pt. Times Roman Font. You must also use three outside sources in your paper. Please keep in mind that you don’t need to answer all of the questions in the prompt.

Flight Club by Chuck Palahniuk- Authors Roberts and McKevitt

These are there to get you thinking. Texts: Chuck Palahniuk—Fight Club Aaron Devor—” Gender Role Behavior and Attitudes” James Roberts—”The Treadmill of Consumption” Steve McKevitt—”Everything Now” In the essays “The Treadmill of Consumption” and “Everything Now,” James Roberts and Steve McKevitt, respectively, approach the concept of materialism and our need to consume. Touching upon branding, happiness, advertising, and our competitive nature, our authors paint a bleak picture of modern America. In addition, we are, in a sense, obsessed with consumerism and materialism, or luxury.

Fight Club suggests that we strive toward filling our lives with the perfect possessions and then “The things you used to own, now they own you.” Do you agree or is Fight Club making too much of this? Could this consumerism be connected to a loss of spirituality? Summarize the key elements in the arguments made by Roberts and McKevitt. Show how Fight Club illustrates these elements and any number of examples and explanation. Take a stand on this issue. Do you agree with Roberts and McKevitt? If not, why. If so, what do you think the repercussions of this are or will be? And why is this significant?

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