Explain how diversity affects succession planning.

Branding Policy (D–W1) There might be as many HR brands as there are organizations. However, the branding strategy can affect the type of person that applies for a position, whether they are motivated to perform well while there and, ultimately, how long they will stay. By Day 3 of Week 1: Wed 11/04/20 Based on this week’s readings and your own academic research, respond to the following discussion questions/prompts: Suggest an employment branding policy that includes whether internal or external recruitment will be the primary strategy. What is the possible impact on employee retention of the strategy selected? Identify legal or ethical issues that should be considered. Which is the most troublesome, and why? How does branding affect the diversity of candidates? Explain how diversity affects succession planning.
If succession planning is so important to organizational success, explain why the general succession plan should, or should not, be communicated to employees. How might succession plan transparency affect turnover? By Day 5 of Week 1: Fri 11/06/20 Respond to at least two colleagues’ posts with support for their ideas or by suggesting alternatives. Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message.
Week 1: HR Branding A succession plan should support other organizational objectives, such as enhancing diversity at every level in the hierarchy. Treating HR practices and policies like a marketable commodity, i.e., branding, is a conceptual approach that focuses on developing and managing a reputation as an employer. Each branding decision must consider legal and ethical issues, as well as the potential effects on employee retention. Creation of a formal plan is essential to ensure consistency in these actions.
This week you will explore HR branding and its ramifications for the organization. Learning Objectives Students will: Analyze the effects of diversity on succession planning Evaluate legal and ethical issues that may arise in the branding process Evaluate an employee branding policy Assess the effects of a succession plan on employee retention

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