EU’s policy response to Covid 19

Topic 1


As an economist, write a policy brief on the EU’s policy response to Covid 19. Advise your audience on whether the EU should continue its current policy position, based on policy implications and/or alternatives.

You should use your knowledge of the EU  its history, institutions, policies, and crises – alongside economic theory and a policy analysis framework. Focus on a single policy area – some will be more relevant to economists than others.

Your target audience is made up of EU policymakers, only some of whom have an economics background. Do not assume an understanding of complex economic ideas or jargon, or this specific policy area.

A set of guidelines on writing the policy brief are available on Brightspace. Writing in economics is a form of technical writing, and there are rigid expectations on style and content. In writing for most publications or organizations, adherence to editorial and style guidelines is required. Please complete and include the checklist on how your brief adheres to the guidelines. You can deviate from the guidelines occasionally if it improves your communication or structure. You must include references.

Topic 2

Each week we examine a different policy or crisis in the EU. From an economics perspective, explain how an EU policy  that we examined in class (1) contributed to, and/or (2) helped/is helping to solve an EU crisis from the following list:

1. Europessimism

2. Euroscepticism

4. Brexit

5. European

Debt Crisis Students are encouraged to include links and reasoning beyond that provided in class, though relying mostly on class materials is fine for this question. Citations are not required, though desirable if you discuss another author’s work. In this case, references do not contribute to the word count.

Reference no: EM132069492

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