Develop and Implement Service Programs Assessment

Practical Assessment

Estimated Time
2-3 hours

To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the 

foundation skills, knowledge evidence and performance evidence.



This activity can be completed in the Mobile Workshop or online.


Answer the following questions in full to show competency of each element, performance evidence and knowledge of:

Engage consumers in the analysis of service needs
Develop programs
Implement and monitor programs
Evaluate programs
Program planning principles and processes
Supports needed for effective consumer participation at all levels of program planning
Requirements of specific service user groups and individuals
Developed, implemented and evaluated at least one (1) community service sector program


Cite all your references using APA referencing style. Answers can be written in the space provided after each question or you can produce separate documents that can be uploaded to Moodle along with your assessment.


1. Develop a community health promotion program. Simulate the implementation by presenting to an audience the health promotion material. Evaluate the program. Write a report on the lessons learnt and how you could improve based on the feedback. (1500 words).

Prepare a 15 -20 minute presentation and present it in class or online. Ensure you cover the following points in the report:

Explain how you developed a plan for consumer participation and engagement?
Explain how you considered the needs/requirements of specific groups or individuals?
What resources and training did you have, evaluate and utilise in the development of your program?
What potential issues/barriers did you encounter and how did you overcome them?
What support framework/other organisations did you work with and how?
What legislation did you consider and comply with?
How did you develop procedures for feedback?
How did you develop procedures for evaluation?
What was the overall effect of your program?

Attach evidence of resource materials and feedback forms used for evaluation of the program to the report.

This activity is to be observed and an observation checklist will be uploaded by the Trainer into Moodle.

Reference no: EM132069492

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