Describe the type of trademark you own and how it is protected.

  1. Complete independent research and describe the difficulties to investigate and prosecute cybercrimes.

Identify at least two real-world case examples that highlight these difficulties.

In your response, be sure to consider considerations such as:

  • The identity of a cybercriminal
  • Jurisdiction
  • Extradition process challenges
  • Legislation
  • International considerations


  1. Conduct independent research and select one case exampledemonstrating the violation of a cyber tort.

For this example, please address at a minimum the following:

  • Description of the cyber tort
  • Summary of the case
  • Personal commentary/analysis regarding the court’s ruling and additional considerations and recommendations



  1. The purpose of this project is to promote student analysis of relevant and current topics that deal with cyber privacy, law, and business concerns. From the topic provided below complete a 10 to 15 slide, narrated, PowerPoint presentation. You should limit restating background factsof the topic and focus on conducting independent research. Your presentation should be targeted to subject matter experts in the field with substantial background regarding the legal, ethical, and privacy implications of these topics. Your research and presentation should be unique to any other assignments completed thus far.


Assignment Submission

There are two parts to this assignment:

  • 10 to 15-slide, narrated, PowerPoint presentation– that addresses the policy, legal, business, and technical aspects of the selected topic.
  • Annotated bibliography using APA formatting– imagine this bibliography will be a source for your audience to leverage as a takeaway for additional reading.

Selected Topic: Using technology to protect private or public interests (e.g., V-chip, Clipper Chip, PICS) Electronic Communications Privacy Act (how well does it work, should it be expanded?)


  1. This week you learned about the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protect Act or ACPA. In this case, you are the defendant of a trademark, which you believe you have the legal rights to. You have brought suit against the plaintiff, who you feel is a cybersquatter, who registered a domain name that is similar to your trademark. You must conduct independent researchof a real-world case and use this example to defend your argument and respond to the following questions:
  • Describe the type of trademark you own and how it is protected.
  • What defenses or arguments do you have to use against the cybersquatter?







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