In an attempt to decrease the incidents of sexual violence on a college campus, a university required that all first year students attend a violence prevention workshop held one a month during their freshman year. There were 8 workshops in all, lasting 90 minutes each. To evaluate how participants changed during the program, the staff decided to administer a standardized measure related to sexual violence perpetration, bystander behaviors, and knowledge and attitudes related to sexual violence at the beginning and end of the sessions. In addition to administering the standardized assessment, the university also chose to distribute a satisfaction survey at the end of the program.
Using, write a survey to assess satisfaction and implementation with the 8 session program described above. Your survey should have 10questions and should address the principles of good survey writing discussed on pages 84 through 86 of your Toolkit. Remember to consider close ended and open ended questions, appropriate response categories, the order of questions, and formatting. Think about the most important questions that address satisfaction and implementation as described on page 48 and 49 of the toolkit and previously discussed in class.


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