Core Values Paper, Due May 10Throughout the semester we have featured a number

Core Values Paper, Due May 10
Throughout the semester we have featured a number of public service values; those that drive the MPA (Masters of Public Adminisration ) program and others that shape the field of public service. David Easton defined politics as “the authoritative allocation of values in a society.” Government is the source of that authority and governing systems have devised methods to resolve disagreements about what public values will be exercised and what decisions will be made, because without those methods conflicts are often resolved by political violence and warfare. Public and nonprofit administrators hold an important place in this system because they are charged with implementing those values through policy decisions and program actions. Individuals in these positions must come to terms with the likelihood that their personal values will conflict with the values in practice of the organizations and groups to which they are responsible. Values conflict and they often point in different directions toward “right” action.
That brings us to the critical question: What are your core public service values? How do they serve as your foundation for action?
You will write a 5-7 page (double-spaced with 1” margins) essay that reflects upon the core value(s) of your choice. You will begin with a discussion about how theorists have defined those values (using proper APA citations, of course), and how you interpret them for the purpose of guiding your own actions. Then, you will offer at least one example of how your chosen value may conflict with public service value. How will you reconcile that tension? Conclude with a discussion about how a theoretical and conceptual understanding of public service values informs ethical action in public service.
Long story short : How does your core value influence your ability to lead an organization?
Please include this information in my paper___ Accountability is my primary value (CORE VALUE). I suppose it’s because I grew up in the Bronx, where there was a lot of negativity and despair. I witnessed the devastating effects of an unfair system on children, families, and mental health. After discovering that my sister’s bestfriend was being neglected by her grandma, my mother became a foster parent. After 11 years of not having children in the family, ACS phoned my mother at 3 a.m. seeking an emergency placement for Angel, a 5-year-old boy. He cried from the minute he arrived till he couldn’t anymore at 9 a.m. We inquired about his placement in foster care with the social worker.
We inquired as to why he was placed in foster care, and the term “neglect” came out of her mouth. We looked after him for six months till his mother committed suicide. My mother was too near to him, she stated in her note, and it seemed like she was snatching my kid away from me.Angel’s father sought for custody three months later. Angel’s law, guardian, and social worker met us on the morning of the first hearing, not knowing his name, age, or even the reason he was taken in care. His legal guardian took the stage in front of the audience and began giving the profile of another child.
I understood then that I wanted to work at Cayuga and that the syetem is in need of change. (Please explain why accountability is important in this scenario)
This is Cayugas wedside that you can use for referance ( )

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