Client Challenges: Flirtatious Client

Topic: Client Challenges: Flirtatious Client

Some clients may present specific challenges to the interview and physical examination. Nurse practitioners must be able to identify behaviors that impede the assessment and consider strategies to provide care to these clients.

1.    Create a sample scenario based on your assigned topic – Client Challenges: Flirtatious Client. Describe potential client behaviors consistent with the concern listed.
2.    Discuss an appropriate and professional approach to address the behavior and communicate with the client.
3.    Provide an example of how you would document the encounter.

o    Integration of Evidence: Provide support from a minimum of one scholarly in-text citation IN ADDITION to the textbook.
o    Reference Citation: Provide references with complete information as required by APA (0-1 errors). Include in-text citations included for all references, AND references for all in-text citations.

References: U.S. based peer reviewed journals geared for clinicians (MD/DO/NP/PA) published in the past five years OR the latest edition of a Clinical Practice Guideline. All scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles must be current – within a 5-year time frame.

TEXTBOOK: Bickley, L. S., Szilagyi, P. G., Hoffman, R. M., & Soriano, R. P. (2021). Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking (13th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

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