(Choosing 5 articles or papers that are at least 3 pages long and summarizing th

(Choosing 5 articles or papers that are at least 3 pages long and summarizing them)
Your term project is an integrative summary of seven short papers each of which must be at least three pages long. These papers may be from the academic literature or current news on drug controls, the drug war, history of illicit or psychoactive drugs or drug policies from anywhere in the world. You may select articles from journal articles or working papers on Drug Policies, Economic Analysis, Economic Historical Analysis, Medical History, Scientific Analysis, International Diplomacy and Social and Philosophical Analysis.
Finally, the documents you cite must include research papers, magazine articles, newspaper article (5 pages long) or government policy documents published during the last 10 years.
The bibliographical selection may address topics from the examples listed below or other topics that you may select:
Comparative international policies
Historical analysis of policies in different countries
Socio-Economic analysis of drug policies
Social and Psychological Issues of Drug Use and Policies
The Politics and Economics the War on Drugs
International Drug Cartels and their Activities / Violence and Corruption
European colonialism and the drug trade in history
Foreign Trade and the History of Drugs (Opium and Cocaine)
Please download the attached sample for illustration.
As stated clearly, the Term Project must be an annotated bibliography. In annotated bibliography, you identify several documents to review, which may include books, monographs, articles and even news publications. You then summarize each article below a bibliographical citation of the article or document. After all the summaries of each article or document individually, you write an integrative summary of all the bibliographical references. This Integrative Summary must precede all the individual summaries.
Please see attached document for an illustration.

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