Assignment: Write a 3000 word

Assignment: Write a 3000 word research paper on the effect UFOs have had on the population of the world. Discuss your beliefs and what proof you have uncovered in your research of extra-terrestrials.
There will be a minimum of six primary sources. Include UFO sightings as well as “proof” you can include as to the existence of this phenomena.  Did Atomic Power create this phenomenon?
Follow the writing guidelines and be sure to credit all photos.
This paper will be on approved subjects. It will be a minimum of 3000 words, typed, 12 point, Times-Roman; double-spaced pages that will be research oriented and cited sources will follow MLA guidelines. These sources need to be primary sources and no more than two sources may be from the designated class text. A minimum of six sources will be required for this paper.  Write a coherent, thoughtful essay with a beginning, middle, and an end. Provide support and examples to illustrate your new knowledge. The paper will be graded as a formal paper. Grading Papers will be graded for content and clarity of expression, and ability to express the subject of motorsports. Points may be deducted for wrong type-size, wrong spacing, lack of photographs or illustrations, short of proper length, or lack of correct sources. Papers are also graded for how well and thoughtful you discuss your topic.


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