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Summary of College Process Improvement Activities Summary of College Process Improvement Activities


The Business Analyst role is a change agent in an organization – recognizing and responding to needs, and seeking opportunities to enhance people, process, and technology within an organization.  To be a successful Business Analyst, an individual must have the ability to see the big picture – understands issues, recognize opportunities, locate enablers and be aware of industry (ICT – Information Communication Technology) trends.  The objective of this exercise is for the class to share and learn about a broad range of topics over this first semester, which are all related to the application of Business Analysis skills.


In addition, the Business Analyst often has to communicate on the same material to different stakeholders.  However, the level of detail required from the groups may differ, e.g. Executives / management want a summary level whereas other delivery team members need details.  This assignment also simulates this real-life working scenario.


You are to investigate an internal college process, apply your analysis techniques, create a conclusion/summary of findings (detailed version), create a summarized presentation version of the material and present it to the class during the first semester. This exercise is a simulation of a Business Analyst working assignment that involves the following:  investigation and research, collaboration, producing deliverables under tight timelines, thereby forcing you to do prioritize, as well as provide feedback to peers.


Assignment Directions


# 1 – Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition/Research Summary


You will create a Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition that provides a summary/context for your College Internal Process – making it relevant for call centre. In your assignment, your teams will identify the process you believe could be improved (that impact students, employers, perspective students, etc), and construct a Value Proposition Model to elaborate on and explore your teams understanding of the challenges faced by stakeholders.  As part of constructing the value proposition model, you will begin to consider the proposition of an eventual solution.  Do consider value propositions that are feasible.  These can include: Process Improvement, adoption of an RPA solution, minor enhancements to existing solutions.  Do not consider: Rebuilding an enture solution (redo the Library Learning Commons portal), Changing a solution (migrating from BlackBoard to another solution), or changing human resources (replacing staff).  Each Presentation will be approx. 7 minutes


# 2 – Industry/Sector Knowledge Map and Current State Process Map


Compile a preliminary knowledge baseline based on preliminary research, findings, and existing knowledge/processes. Assignment #2 – Process Maps: SIPOC Current State, SIPOC Notional Future State

Create a separate SIPOC model for your selected process to address all Suppliers, Inputs, Outputs, and Customers of both the current, and the proposed to-be process. You will use this as a means for Elicitation

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