7FNCE011W Financial Markets and Institutions Assessment

7FNCE011W Financial Markets and Institutions Coursework

Assessment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 3000

The context

In this module we have considered various financial markets as well as the instruments that are traded in each.  We have looked at the valuation of these instruments and also addressed the regulatory framework.  Further, our coursework analysed financial crisis 2007-2008 in the United States.

Considering the review, analysis and data collection conducted for our coursework, please evaluate COVID-19 financial crisis, comparing and contrasting it to the 2008 US economic and market environment.

Discuss the US macroeconomic environment in both 2008 and in 2020.  What similarities in terms of overall economic conditions, as well as asset valuation do you notice. What differences are there?  What regulatory changes were made after COVID-19 recession to prevent it from happening again?  In your view, were these changes sufficient or would you suggest enhanced or perhaps new regulations? How would you profit during the COVID-19 recession; how would you trade it?


  • Analysis of the US sub-prime financial crisis and the contemporary US market environment.  Detail of macroeconomic environment of both 2008 and 2020. Identification of key macroeconomic factors and explanation of their role in 2008; does 2020 have parallels?
  • Discussion of global impact if the COVID-19 pandemic had, provide critical analyses of markets – movements observed in the money market/bond, equity markets, commodity market in the US, UK and Europe or the country you live, before, during and after the crisis. Use of Bloomberg is advised.
  • Considering the macroeconomic landscape of 2021, Would the COVID-19 recession happen again?  If yes, what regulatory changes have been made to prevent a repeat?  What would you recommend be done by regulators, considering differences in macroeconomics as well as markets in 2008?   Be sure you discuss REGULATORY changes (by the central banks or government regulators.).
  • How would you profit during the COVID-19 recession?  Be sure to only consider instruments and markets discussed in the module.
  • Structure, presentation, referencing, adherence to anonymous submission convention.

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