[11:15 AM, 5/8/2022] Shoshana Haim: In the video, I discuss 5 different reading

[11:15 AM, 5/8/2022] Shoshana Haim: In the video, I discuss 5 different reading comprehension strategies to use in a science lesson: paraphrasing, pre-teaching vocabulary, visualizing, activating prior knowledge, and self-monitoring. Pretend you are the teacher designing a science lesson plan with an in-text component. Choose one reading comprehension strategy from the list above and explain how you will incorporate it into your lesson plan. Your paper must include: Topic: The topic of your science lesson- the topic is skink or float Grade Level: Which grade is this lesson for? Kindergarden Objective: State your science objective — the skill students will be learning — make it specific and measurable.- use this state standard KPS2-2 analyze data from tests of an object or tool to determine if it works intended. Text Title – the title of the text that you’ll be using in your lesson together with the reading comprehension strategy Learning Experience: Description of the learning activities – what the teacher and students will do, guided practice, individual work, etc. Remember to incorporate a text and a comprehension strategy into the activities. Strategy: The reading comprehension skill used and an explanation of why this strategy is the right one for your lesson This should not be a reading comprehension lesson; it should mainly be a science lesson with a reading comprehension strategy seamlessly tied in. The focus should be on your science skill, not teaching a reading comprehension skill. For example, the class may read a story to illustrate a science concept and use the visualizing strategy as they are reading. Or they might read an article about a science concept with vocabulary words that the teacher has pre-taught before throwing students into the text. This paper does not have to be written in APA style; however, it must look college-appropriate. You should format your paper in the six bullet points above (topic, grade level, objective, title, learning experience, and strategy). Your paper should contain no grammar or spelling mistakes. For this assignment, you may do any grade from Grade Pre-K to Grade 2. You may not use a lesson plan from the Internet; this learning experience must be your original concept. i am attaching a sample paper. i provided for you thr topic, grade level and state standrad. thank you

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